WaKEENEY — WaKeeney Police Chief Terry Eberle was arrested Thursday afternoon after allegedly violating a no-contact order set during his bond hearing Wednesday in Trego County District Court.

A bench warrant was issued about 1:15 p.m. Thursday, alleging a violation of the no-contact order, and Eberle was arrested. He is being held without bond until a hearing Monday.

Eberle was arrested Wednesday by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and charged with intimidation of a witness, blackmail, harassment by telephone, tampering with public records, attempted interference with law enforcement and two counts of theft.

Those charges stem from an ongoing KBI investigation regarding actions he allegedly took to hinder a prosecution of his son in 2012, according to the complaint filed against him in Trego County District Court.

According to the complaint, Eberle allegedly called Kathleen Fabrizius, Trego County emergency management director, on or around Aug. 15 to 24, 2012, and attempted to persuade her to lie in giving a statement in the prosecution of Joshua Eberle.

The detail of that charge, attempted interference with law enforcement, said Fabrizius already had given a statement to the Trego County Sheriff.

The charge of intimidation of a witness or victim alleges Eberle threatened Fabrizius could lose her job if she testified. The harassment by phone and blackmail charges stem from the same time frame.

Count five — tampering with a public record — alleges that in late October 2015, Eberle altered hours worked by WaKeeney Police officers. That charge does not name which officers, but the theft charges allege Eberle “did unlawfully obtain or exert unauthorized control over the services” of hours worked by Assistant Police Chief Ashley Garza on or about Oct. 14 to 22 and Officer Mark Dahlsten around Feb. 22, 2016.

During his bond hearing Wednesday afternoon before Judge Glenn R. Braun in Trego County District Court, Trego County Attorney Chris Lyon requested a no-contact order on Eberle with the two officers and other witnesses, according to a transcript of the hearing. A monetary bond was not requested.

Braun issued the order, but with some allowances — Joshua Eberle was not included and Eberle was allowed contact with Garza, Dahlsten and city council members regarding police business.

Eberle was released on an Own Recognizance bond.

However, in a statement included in the court records, Garza said Eberle contacted her by phone about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. He then met her at the Law Enforcement Center, where he said he was going to work on the schedule.

Garza said she already was working on the schedule and informed Eberle that Mayor Kenneth Roy had appointed her acting chief of police.

Eberle wanted in his office, which still was closed with evidence tape from the KBI investigation, according to the statement.

Eberle visited with KBI agents who were still at the LEC, then talked with Garza about the affidavit from his arrest, the statement said. After some discussion, Eberle told Garza he would speak to her further when he had his attorney present.

The hearing on the alleged bond violation will be at 9:45 a.m. Monday at the Ellis County Courthouse.