Don, you’ve been sending me scads of uninvited mail for several years now — even a book or two. I’ve never really minded. Your generosity with stamps has supported small town post offices. I browse, then haul it to Hill City’s recycle center. Lately, stuff has piled up.

I know you feel called by the Lord to share the truth — or your version of it. Here’s a sample:

You sure don’t like Jews. In the last American Free Press tabloid you sent (you’ve sent many) you used your usual red ink ballpoint to print a big “J” or “Jew” on the foreheads of ten prominent Americans. You wrote “Jew” under the photo of Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen — and claimed “every Fed. Reserve chairman has been a Jew.” (Wrong.) Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland also got labeled “Jew” with your ballpoint.

The Jews, you believe, are working to establish a New World Order to enslave us all.

In the same issue of the tabloid, you red-penned “Marxist” across the forehead of President Barack Obama. Maybe his skin shade has something to do with it? You’ve written ”Little Monkey Man” above the Rev. Al Sharpton’s photo. You apparently believe the billionaire “Jew” on-the-forehead of George Soros is stirring up hatred to create a race war. To the sentence ending “ …blacks may be found everywhere,” you’ve inked in red, “even in white bedrooms!”

The December 2014 Newswatch Magazine you sent lacks your usual red ink (temporarily out of ballpoints?) Published in Waxahachie, Texas, by the Church of God Evangelistic Association, church leader David J. Smith shares your conspiratorial mindset. Smith fears a Federal Reserve scheme to create a New World Order. He warns: “Feds are set to toss millions of Americans into (hundreds) of concentration camps.” Smith warns government schools are “striving to destroy the status, structure and stability of the family.”

Your torn-out pages from the controversial “Fatima Crusader” warn of an imminent World War III. The title reads, “Will the World Wake up in Time?” You write ”nope” in black felt tip and encircle nope in red. You apparently think WWIII will be a U.S. civil war.

Accordingly, from the Mainstreet Media chain’s Plainville Times, you sent a July 2014 Jack Krier column, “Don’t give up your guns.” Krier writes: “We abhor the thought of a rebellion: Yet, it is undeniable our government is our enemy.” You added in red-ink “amen.” Another Krier column you sent is titled: “Muslims have friend in Obama.”

Another photocopied article from an unidentified source features Larry Klayman, a 2004 candidate for U.S. Senate. Klayman advises media to start “calling Obama out for what he is, a Muslim anti-white bigot … who casts blame on Christians, whites and by implication Jesus himself.”

Don, in March you wrote The Hays Daily News that you were obeying Christ’s last supper advice to carry a sword (for you, a gun). Why then, given your acceptance of Jesus’ commandment, do you consider a religious ceremony blessing concealed carry as “blasphemy?” Do you contradict yourself? (Two Bible verses later, Jesus says two swords would suffice.)

Well, I get your obsession with guns. Paranoia gives your life meaning.

As to whether more guns make us safer, the evidence is shaky. Yes, homicides have declined over several decades, but that’s been happening since 1993 (or earlier). At same time, suicides have risen and now account for something like 64 percent of gun deaths.

In 2013 Forbes Magazine — using data from the FBI, DOJ, CDC and the Kaiser Family Institute — reported Wyoming leading in per capita gun deaths, a state “wide open territory for anyone who wants a gun. And the top 10 is filled out by Deep South states Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee, all with open gun laws.”

In contrast, “Massachusetts, with some of the strictest gun laws in the country has by far the lowest gun death rate. And New York, New Jersey and Connecticut — strict states all — are in the bottom five.” (Kansas doesn’t have much to brag about:

Forbes continued: “When so-called ’self-inflicted’ death by gunshot is taken into account, the liberal thesis is supported almost perfectly: More guns, more gun deaths; less guns, less gun deaths. It’s as simple as that.”

Atlantic Monthly reported 310 million guns in the country in 2013. But some 40 percent of American households were armed — down from 60 percent in the ’60s. Thus “(G)un ownership has gotten much more concentrated among fewer households: If you own one gun, you probably own several.” That surely would be you, Don, armed to the teeth for racist-Muslim-Marxist-Jewish-Obama instigated Armageddon.

Footnote: Sen. Dianne Feinstein did not say, “All veterans were mentally ill in some way.” Nor did the L.A. Times quote her as having said so. Your claim otherwise is baloney. You should apologize. Regards, BOB.

Bob Hooper is a fourth-generation western Kansan who writes from his home in Bogue.