Jesse James Dupree is excited to visit Hays for a bottle signing and concert Thursday.

Dupree is best known for his band, Jackyl, and recent television show, "Full Throttle Saloon."

"He is a great personality," said Steve Karas, co-owner of SKH Music and marketing consultant for Dupree. "He is a man of strong convictions, but he is also a lot of fun."

In addition to music and television, Dupree owns Jesse James Spirits, an alcoholic beverage line that includes personal brands of beer and bourbon whiskey.

"The bourbon has done great over the past several years," Karas said. "He is approaching 100,000 cases sold. He's done very well."

"It's liquid America," Jesse James Dupree said. "That's what's in every bottle -- liquid America."

The well-known musician, television personality and businessman stopped in Wichita for a bottle signing Saturday and recently confirmed he will be making an appearance in Hays.

"We are celebrating the release of the Jesse James Bourbon, the Honey Bourbon and the Spiced Bourbon," Dupree said. "All three of them are just really great. I'm proud of all three."

At 5 p.m. Thursday, Dupree will be at 8th Street Liquor, where he will conduct the bottle signing. It is an opportunity for local fans to meet Dupree and have him sign a bottle upon purchase.

"Everything is set up," said Chandler Schumacher, owner of 8th Street Liquor. "We have over 20 cases of Jesse James Bourbon and around 10 cases of Full Throttle S'Loonshine."

Full Throttle S'Loonshine was released this year and is affiliated with the "Full Throttle Saloon" reality show.

"We have peach, apple, strawberry, blackberry, vanilla and platinum, which makes the best Bloody Marys you've ever had," Dupree said.

The bottle signings first started three years ago, and since then have taken place throughout the country. They have helped with promotion of the product and fans really enjoy the opportunity, Dupree said.

"We have great turnouts. Everyone comes out, we take pictures and sign the bottles," he said. "It's a lot of fun."

After everything wraps up at 8th Street Liquor, Jackyl will prepare to hit the stage at Singers in Hays. The doors are scheduled to open at 7 p.m.

"I expect the place to pack up and get crazy," Dupree said. "I look forward to spending some quality time with everybody in Hays, so c'mon."