May is a month filled with memories.

When I turned the calendar page on May 1, I thought:

ďIím sure I can catch up on things Iíve put aside to do later.Ē

Iím wondering what happened? The month is now over and my to-do list is even longer.

May is filled with memories, Motherís Day and Memorial Day are two annual holidays that bring back memories.

My Dad always took us to a restaurant to eat on Motherís Day. It was really special to get to eat out.

Nowadays, eating away from home happens all the time, the special importance of eating out has been lost. This year my family wished me a Happy Day with cards and phone calls that meant a lot and made me feel so loved.

Memorial Day is a special time to remember our friends and family and the men and women who served in the armed forces to keep our country free. A special part of the program is when they play ďTaps,Ē when the echo sounds it always puts chills up and down my spine.

I remember calling it Decoration Day. My mom bought peony flower buds at the grocery store. She picked up these refrigerated buds a couple days before and they were in full bloom when we went to the cemetery to decorate family graves.

Jim and I delivered with iris grown in our yard (we used to call the iris flower flags) or we picked wildflowers in the pasture. Sometimes we added stalks of green wheat to the bouquet.

Oops, I just picked things up, and I found the nail clippers I had been hunting for, strange how a mishap can sometimes solve a mystery.

Another May memory happened five years ago.

On May 22, Jim crossed the bridge from this world to the next. It sure doesnít seem to have been five years since Iíve been alone. His memory lives on in the hearts of the family.

May is the month when big steps are taken by young people as they graduate. We honor them, congratulate them wishing them the best.

The Ellis High School Alumini Association 114th celebration honoring the graduating class of 2015 and past graduates held the annual banquet May 23.

Memories continue to be made this year. I will remember why I missed my youngest granddaughterís fifth-grade promotion to middle school.

My car didnít start that morning. I ended up calling Triple AAA, Augieís Repair and towing came to my rescue.

He got my car started and said he would follow me to a shop in Hays. I traveled the speed limit, 55 mph on Old U.S. Highway 40.

We laughed when he said ďthatís the slowest heís driven in years.Ē Since I needed a fuel pump I had to rent a car.

I missed the promotion ceremony, which was the first time it was held outside of Washington Elementary School.

But as always I found things to be grateful for. I was thankful this happened during the week in day light, not on a weekend after dark. I was lucky to get the last rental car available in Hays that day.

The month of June is now upon us. When I turn the calendar page Iíll again be optimistic and plan to mark more things off my to-do list.

Wish me luck.

Opal Flinn is member of the Generations Advisory Group