Police prevented a Salina woman from sending an additional $5,000 Tuesday to a man purporting to be a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who was threatening to have her incarcerated, a police department spokesman said.

Capt. Mike Sweeney said the department was contacted by the parents of a woman in her 50s who already had wired more than $15,200 in 16 transactions completed at three different locations in Salina Monday and Tuesday.

He said the woman who lives in south Salina had been told in phone calls from the man claiming to be an FBI agent that he had Salina Police Department officers tracking her movements and that she would be arrested if she didn't pay him.

Sweeney said the woman already had wired money in seven transactions completed at Walmart; six Western Union transactions, and three transactions from Bennington State Bank.

He said when police contacted the woman, she was on her way to Western Union with an additional $5,000. He said officers explained that she was not being watched, and then she understood that she'd been scammed.