Palm Sunday 2019. The Pastor and Generations in Faith Together Coordinator at Hays First Presbyterian Church had a fleeting thought when reading through the “Palm” scripture. The verse mentions the crowd “tossing their cloaks on the ground.” This one simple phrase sparked an idea that went beyond what anyone imagined! Such is God’s work, right?

The congregation was asked to bring unused coats, jackets, and sweaters to church with them to “toss on the ground.” The intent was to donate the offerings to Hays’ annual coat giveaway that is held in early fall. What happened next could only be described as God putting his hand right into the mix! The lightly attended service (40 members) generated six very large and very full lawn bags of items! There were coats covering the aisle of the church from back to front!

A Facebook post about the event generated 5,000+ views in the first 24 hours! Numerous churches commented they were saving the idea to try in their own congregations for the following year. The impact of this one quick idea is literally unknown! How blessed we all are!

The congregation of Hays First Presbyterian Church will be doing this again this year and they invite you to join in. If you cannot attend the service that morning, please feel free to drop off items you (or family members) have outgrown or no longer use. It’s a perfect time and saves you from storing them!

Becky Rogowski is Generations in Faith Together coordinator at First Presbyterian Church.