TOPEKA (TNS) —Public health warnings have expanded for more lakes due to harmful algae blooms, just a week after the Kansas Department of Health and Environment issued warnings for three lakes. Some of the lakes in last week’s notice are no longer under a warning, while several new ones have been included for both warnings and watches.

If a lake is under a public health warning for blue-green algae, boating and fishing may still be safe, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. However, direct contact with water through activities like wading or swimming is strongly discouraged for people, pets and livestock. The lakes currently under a watch or warning status are:


Marion County Lake, Marion County

Marion Reservoir, Marion County

Milford Reservoir (Zone B), Geary, Dickinson and Clay counties

Webster Lake, Rooks County


Milford Reservoir (Zone C), Geary, Dickinson and Clay counties

Overbrook City Lake, Osage County

Sam’s Pond, Syracuse, Hamilton County

South Lake, Johnson County

Harmful algae blooms can produce toxins that poison humans, fish, seabirds, livestock, wildlife and household pets, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not all algae blooms are harmful.

Marinas, lakeside businesses and park camping facilities remain open for business. Signs will be posted if swim beaches are closed. Drinking water and showers at parks are safe.

Blooms can develop rapidly and float around the lake. If there is scum, a paint-like surface or the water is bright green, people should avoid contact and keep pets away.