Update 4:50 pm

As of about 10 minutes ago, McMindes Hall is back in service and students are free to go in.

Update 3:35 p.m. 

Water is still being pumped from the flooded tunnel and residents still are not able to enter the residence hall. A group of students waiting across the street from McMindes Hall said the last official notice from the university indicated they might be allowed in to retrieve personal belongings after 4:30 p.m.

Original story

A flooded steam tunnel under a residence hall at Fort Hays State University prompted the shut down of utilities to McMindes Hall on Friday.

Power and water was shut down as a safety precaution to the building after the flooding was discovered late this morning. Hays Fire Department responded and along with a tanker truck from Hertel Tank Service are draining the flooded tunnel.

A subfloor maintenance area of the residence hall did flood, but residential areas did not, University Police Chief Ed Howell said.

Once that is done, maintenance crews from the university will evaluate the situation, Howel said. An update is expected later this afternoon.

No one was injured and there was no fire, but because power was shut off, students and staff are not being allowed into the building.

Some staff from Chartwells was allowed into the kitchen area of the residence hall to transport some prepared food to the Memorial Union cafeteria, where students are being directed for the time being to get meals.