I really enjoy trout fishing in the stilling basin at Webster Lake. This is a joy provided by Kansas Wildlife and Parks across our state in several locations. To take part in fishing for trout, you must have a fishing license and a trout permit. I believe (as I do with most wildlife licenses and permits) it’s a real bargain.

I’m a bricklayer by trade, so in the coldest time of the year with other hunting seasons closing down, I can go fishing. Even if the trout aren’t biting very good that day for me, it’s much better than staying home and watching TV. My wife and I really enjoy eating trout, so that’s an added bonus.

Every time I go, I get to meet and talk to other sportsmen. It’s so nice to share stories and make new friends. Every time I go, I see many of the same fishermen gathering together, joking around and teasing each other. I can tell I don’t think they’re too concerned about catching a lot of fish, but are having a blast. They seem to come from many different towns, but have become very close friends because of trout fishing.

To me, this is where it compares to a coffee shop. Men enjoying time together, sharing time with each other and growing friendships old and new.

Thank you so much Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism for providing such a great experience.

Rick Cunningham is an avid outdoorsman from Ellis.