RUSSELL — A grass fire near several hotels and retail businesses in Russell caused a temporary power outage to a section of the town Thursday, but the fire was contained before it spread to any structures.

A fire was reported shortly before 7 p.m. Thursday when a semi struck an electrical pole along Stephanie Street. Sparks started a fire in an adjacent grass lot, and wind caused the fire to spread throughout the lot, Russell Fire Chief Shane Preston said.

“Basically behind our Subway and the Meridy’s restaurant there is a grass field right there,” Preston said. “There were no buildings or structures involved or anything; it was just grass.”

The fire was contained by the city fire department within an hour, and no injuries were reported.

The event did cause a temporary power outage for homes and businesses near South Fossil Street as crews worked to extinguish the fire and repair the damaged power pole.

Firefighters responded quickly, as they happened to be nearby at the Fossil Creek Hotel & Suites for a local Chamber of Commerce awards banquet. The city fire department received a community service award, but was not able to accept in person due to the fire.

The hotel also lost power, but the event continued, Preston said, noting the city was “fortunate” the fire was contained so quickly.

“The main hotel where the event was being held, (power) was out longer because the pole struck was the feeding pole for that facility,” he said.