A health screening in Hays on Saturday is designed to help people determine their risk for a disease that often goes unnoticed.

The National Kidney Foundation and Celebration Community Church’s health ministry will offer a KEEP Healthy kidney disease screenings and health fair at 10 a.m. Saturday at Hays Middle School.

There are no fees and no insurance required to participate in the screening, said JoAnna Rogers, program director at the NKF serving Western Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma in Overland Park. Participants must be age 17 or older.

Walk-ins are welcome but registration is encouraged by calling 913-262-1551, Ext. 473 or at www.kidney.org/KEEPregisterKS.

“They just need to bring themselves. No insurance, no fee, no ID,” she said.

During the screening, participants will be interviewed about their family history and health history. Height and weight will be measured to determine body mass index, and blood pressure will be taken.

Urine samples will be taken at the screening and tested for protein levels.

“After they do that portion of the screening, they have an opportunity to speak to a clinician about their results. At that time, they would determine if it’s something they need to speak to their doctor about to have additional testing done,” Rogers said.

Symptoms of kidney disease often go unnoticed or don't even appear, Rogers said.

“The leading cause of kidney disease is diabetes, with hypertension as a close second. So anybody with either of those should definitely come out,” she said.

Even those without symptoms or risk factors should be screened, she said.

“You could have no risk factors and still end up in the emergency room in kidney failure,” she said.

“The only way to know if you’re having problems is to get screened.”

Celebration Community Church has lined up nearly 30 vendors with information about community health resources that will be at the health fair as well.