A man charged in a December robbery at a Hays hotel pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and aggravated battery.

Dean Joseph Manning entered the plea Friday morning in Ellis County District Court for the Dec. 9 robbery of a man at a hotel in the 3400 block in Hays.

During the robbery, the man had been shot in the face with a Co2 powered handgun, causing him to go to the emergency room.

Manning, 26, and Pascual Rueda Guzman, 22, allegedly went to the man’s room to recover property that had been stolen earlier in the week.

The man’s wallet and a .45 caliber handgun were taken in the robbery. Those were recovered, along with the Co2 gun, as a search of an apartment in the 1300 block of East 33rd, where Manning and Guzman were arrested.

Under the plea agreement, Manning likely will serve 32 months in prison.