A 14-year-old male was taken into police protective custody Monday after an alleged threat made against Hays High School.

Law enforcement received a report of an alleged threat made by the teenager, and the Hays Police Department immediately began investigating the threat in cooperation with HHS.

The teen was placed in detention through Juvenile Services of Northwest Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority, according to a release by the Ellis County Attorney’s Office.

“We worked very expedient and very quickly,” said Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees. “Numerous steps were taken, but the conclusion was that we thought it was best to pick up the student and take him into police custody.”

On Thursday, a district magistrate judge ordered the continued detention and allowed the county attorney’s office to file a Child in Need of Care action, according to the release.

The action was filed, and the teen remains in state custody.

The teen’s family has been fully cooperative in the matter, as has Hays High.

According to the release, there was no indication any other individuals were involved in the alleged threat, and there is no reason to believe any further danger exists.

The Hays PD continues to investigate the matter.

Officials commended the community involvement in the matter, as information was brought forward to law enforcement and they immediately responded. That cooperation along with HHS brought the matter to a quick close, the release said.

“It is incumbent upon all citizens to report information they have of possible harm to the community to law enforcement,” the release stated. “Law enforcement and citizens working together provide the best opportunity to prevent crime and help keep our community safe.”

Drees said no additional information about the teen would be released, as Child in Need of Care proceedings in Kansas are confidential.

The alleged threat came two days before a 19-year-old in Florida opened fire at a high school, killing 17 people and injuring numerous others. Drees reiterated the alleged threat at HHS was not related to that incident or a potential copy-cat crime.