The Kansas House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to make limestone the state rock and the channel catfish the official state fish.

The vote was 114-5 to send House Bill 2650 forward to the Senate for consideration.

In addition to designating the state rock and fish, the legislation would make galena the state mineral and jelinite amber the state’s gemstone.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism recommended the state join the 46 other states with an official fish.

“The channel catfish can be found in almost every body of water in Kansas, from small streams to large rivers, small ponds and large reservoirs. For many young anglers, it was their first fish that they caught,” said Chris Tymeson, an attorney with the state agency.

He said Kansas native Seth Way was the first person in the world to successfully spawn a channel catfish. His methods, initiated in 1922, remain the global standard.

“State symbols represent the magnificence of the great state in which we live and show others what we have to offer,” Tymeson said.

The rock, gem and mineral portions of the bill were inspired by elementary school students who brought the issue to attention of a House committee.