A Collyer man has been arrested and formally charged in Trego County on suspicion of arson.

Landon Ray Beesley was arrested March 10 according to a media release Wednesday from Trego County Attorney Chris Lyon. Beesley later bonded at $32,500

Beesley on Wednesday was charged with two counts of arson, stemming from an ongoing investigation by the Trego County Sheriff’s Department, according to the release.

The incidents were alleged to have occurred in rural Trego County near Collyer and involved pasture ground and hay bales.

Beesley is scheduled do appear before Judge Richard A. Flax at 9 a.m. April 18. Beesley has been a volunteer firefighter, according to the release, with the Trego County Rural Fire and Rescue Department. He has been placed on immediate suspension. Terms of the suspension include not being able to be on TCRFD property, equipment or respond to any calls. He also is not allowed to have any direct contact with anyone in the department.

Lyon reminds everyone that all defendants maintain a presumption of innocence until proven guilty in court.