Gov. Jeff Colyer signed a bill into law Tuesday that will greatly increase the number of chickens allowed in large-scale poultry barns.

Senate Bill 405 -- which goes into effect in July -- will more than triple the number of chickens allowed in poultry barns three-quarters of a mile or less from residential areas. Barns housing up to 333,000 birds could be built within one-quarter mile of homes.

The new law is aimed at attracting large processing plants. Last year, a $320 million deal with Tyson was rejected by the City of Tonganoxie following public protests. Tyson put its plans for a move on hold, but proponents of the new law hope it will encourage the food giant to move into -- or near -- another Kansas town.

Depending on how waste is managed, barns within a quarter mile of a residence are currently limited to 100,000 birds -- until July when the law goes into effect.

Colyer also signed a substitute for Senate Bill 414 into law Tuesday. The law will ease regulation on egg packaging.