The morning before Easter brought several instances of a popular holiday event to Hays, but the one at Bickle/Schmidt Sports Complex was just a bit different.

The participants lined up at the edge of the soccer field, pulling at their leashes, eager for the signal to follow their noses to find the colorful eggs with treats inside.

That’s right. This Easter egg hunt was for the dogs.

Gail Wickham, youth and senior program director for the Hays Recreation Commission, said the idea behind the first-ever Doggie Days Eggstravanza was to give a fun opportunity for people and their dogs.

“For our first year we thought it did well,” she said.

About 20 dogs of all sizes and their families participated.

The rules were simple: Once the dog claimed a treat with its nose, it went into their basket or bag to open later. And no fighting over eggs.

But tails wagged as the pooches and their people spread out over the field and the eggs were quickly claimed.

Jessica Luck and her children brought their 3-year-old Corgi, Bear, for the hunt.

“We do a lot of Hays Rec activities with our kids, and we heard about this, so we came on out,” Luck said

“I think he had lots of fun with his four little humans.”

Brenda Tucker had brought bunny ears and a tie for her lab mix, but decided against having him wear it for the hunt considering the strong winds.

“He loves to get out and I thought it would be a fun thing to do,” she said.