SALINA (TNS) —A squirrel with its head stuck in an Easter egg was rescued from a tree by Salina firefighters.

Lindsay Garber said she first thought the plastic blue egg was a cup when she found the squirrel in a tree outside Farm Bureau on Friday morning.

The squirrel was trying to pull the egg off its head on its own when self-described pet detective Brandon Sokol, an animal control officer with Salina Animal Services, was called.

Sokol said he got on the back of a truck and tried to get the squirrel with a catch pole, but the scared squirrel, which was 30 feet off the ground, climbed even higher.

Firefighters and a taller ladder were called, and they got the squirrel back on the ground, Sokol said.

But with the egg still on its head, the vision-impaired squirrel took off and ran into a wall instead of up a tree, Sokol said. He caught the squirrel with the pole’s net, and the squirrel went “berserk” inside, knocking off the egg on its own.

Once the egg popped off, the squirrel ran off on its own, Sokol said.

Even though Easter was five days earlier, he estimated the squirrel had been stuck in the egg for a day. It would have been in trouble if it had gone a few more days, he said.

The plastic Easter egg’s two halves had been taped shut, Sokol said, when the squirrel chewed through one end, got its head stuck and gnawed a hole in the other side.