Amid fires across the state, the U.S. House Agriculture Committee approved an amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill Wednesday that aims to improve access to federal assistance for wildfire victims.

The amendment was authored by local Congressman Roger Marshall and would streamline the application and approval process for producers to receive resources sooner when utilizing the Emergency Conservation Program to rebuild destroyed fences. It also aims to simplify the administration of the program for Farm Service Agency employees.

“I’ve met with wildfire victims, county, state and national USDA staff, and producer organizations. Together we discussed the challenges from every level, and this amendment helps all involved in the recovery process,” Marshall said in a release.

This change would allow victims of future disasters to receive 75 percent of the “total allowable cost” after a fence has been destroyed in a qualifying disaster. This amendment was based on an ECP improvement bill crafted by Marshall and Sen. Jerry Moran.