Despite a rash of social media posts expressing concerns about a male potentially behaving in a suspicious manner at various Hays locations, officials familiar with the case are saying there is no credible threat to the public at this time.

“There’s no credible threat here,” said Ed Howell, director of Fort Hays State University police department. “If we had information that led us to believe it was an ongoing credible threat, we would be putting that information out ourselves.”

Both the university and Hays police department have been looking into the social media posts, and officials stress the importance of calling police right away if residents encounter suspicious activity. Despite all of the social media posts, there had not been any official reports filed with police as of Monday afternoon.

“Go out in pairs, be aware of your environment,” Howell said, offering general safety advice. “Call 911 if you have a situation. Don’t try to second-guess it. If you feel you’re being followed, if you feel you’re being stalked, report it to police right away.”