Chips of ice flew through the air as a group of pre-teenagers ferociously chiseled away at the large, frozen blocks. They were trying to reach the marbles frozen inside, which could be traded for candy.

The cool summer activity was hosted Wednesday afternoon by the young adult department at Hays Public Library.

“I just wanted to do something they could destroy, get some energy out,” said Rebecca Channell, a full-time library assistant who organized the activity.

Large blocks of ice were frozen in paper bowls, then carried outside the library for the activity. The eight students were divided into pairs, with one person rolling a set of dice until they hit a double while the other person chiseled away. When two of the same number were rolled, they switched places.

“You’re splashing me!” Xavier Catura, 11, exclaimed as his team member, Hadynn Proctor, chipped frantically at the ice block using a kitchen spoon. “I’m getting wet.”

“So am I,” Proctor said with a laugh.

The students then traded in their marbles for candy as a reward for their work, with more candy going to those who had more marbles. When they were finished, several large chunks of ice covered the library’s back patio.

“That’s why we did this,” Channell said. “So you could make a big mess.”