The Hays USD 489 School Board will reconsider a bid for the district’s copiers at Thursday’s special meeting.

The board voted against approving the lease bid at Monday’s meeting, with several board members seeking clarification on whether or not the $52,221 bid from Sumner One included software and card readers to help better track how many copies are being made and where.

The revised bid cover sheet specifies the software and card reader are an option priced at $3,823 for a total of $56,044 for the five-year lease from Sumner One.

The cost of the current leases for the district’s 25 copiers, which end June 30, is $65,215 annually.

Also on the agenda is approval of Local Education Agency Application for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act funds, which helps pay for special education salaries, and approval of a cost of living adjustment grant for Early Childhood Connections. The district would provide $10,735 in matching funds for the $43,379 grant, which would help pay for a $2 an hour raise for paraprofessionals the board approved at its April 30 meeting.

The special meeting will be at 7 a.m. Thursday in the Toepfer Board Room of the Rockwell Administration Center.