The Hays Police Department has identified possible juvenile suspects in two similar cases recently reported, in which unidentified objects were thrown into oncoming traffic -- shattering two vehicles’ windshields.

“Nobody was injured, but they did both get glass in their faces,” said Lt. Brandon Wright with the Hays PD. “They’ve got shards of glass … dust and splinters of glass that hit the drivers. It is extremely dangerous what’s going on here.”

The first incident was reported May 30 in the 200 block of West 41st, and a second report was made Monday in the 400 block of West 41st. In both cases, windshields were shattered and the vehicles were wet -- leading authorities to suspect the thrown objects might be water balloons, Wright said, noting there is not yet solid evidence on that point. Police and victims were unable to find the items thrown through the windshield after the impacts.

The vehicle from which the items were thrown has been identified by both victims as an older model pickup truck with a brown stripe. The first victim also described it as white or light-colored with a brown stripe, indicating it might be a two-toned or striped vehicle.

It appears a victim’s family was able to identify a possible suspect via social media, and police investigations are continuing. The suspects are juveniles, and there likely will be at least two involved, Wright said late Wednesday morning, noting he expects the case to be wrapped up in the next few days.

Residents should continue to report any suspicious activity to the Hays Police Department by calling dispatch at (785) 625-1011.

Items should never be thrown from moving vehicles, and even water balloons have been known to shatter windows, Wright said. While both victims were able to safely stop their vehicles, the potential was high for further damage.

“This has happened on 41st, there are steep ditches there, telephone poles and other traffic. If you get glass in your eyes and lose control of the vehicle, it could be bad,” Wright said.