Hays City Commissioner Chris Dinkel on Thursday announced his resignation from the board, effective June 20. Dinkel -- who was elected in November -- has been accepted to Columbia Law School in New York City and will begin classes in the fall.

Commissioners have decided not to post a formal application process, but residents interested in applying for the vacancy are encouraged to contact commissioners. Their contact information can be found at haysusa.com under the “contact us” tab.

“Serving alongside you and the rest of the commission has been an honor and a delight, and I am grateful to the people of Hays for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity,” Dinkel stated. “I feel that the work we have done, even in my short time on the commission, has positioned Hays for growth and a bright future, and I look forward to the day when I can come home to attend weddings at the convention center, drive circles around the North Vine roundabouts and go shopping at 27th and Commerce Parkway.”

Dinkel said he timed his resignation with the hope of allowing his replacement enough time to become familiar with the city’s budget process before the 2019 budget is voted on in August.

“As to the timing of my resignation, I have chosen to vacate my seat early to allow the commission to select my replacement before this year’s budget process begins rather than as it ends,” he said, noting he and his family will have to move before that process is complete.

Dinkel will continue to be a voting member of the commission at next week’s regular meeting. Those interested in serving on the city commission must contact at least one commissioner by June 20 ahead of that week’s work session. An appointment is expected to be made at the following week’s regular meeting, June 28.

Commissioners thanked Dinkel for his time of service and encouraged residents to contact a commissioner promptly if they are interested in serving the city.

“I’m happy to talk to anybody. But I’m not going to ask anybody,” Mayor James Meier said. “If this is something you want to do, you need to express some interest in doing it. Don’t expect anybody to reach out to you.”