WaKEENEY — A trial by 12-person jury for Gove County manslaughter suspect Anthony Turner, 25, Park, is scheduled to begin July 16 and run through the 20th. The court proceedings are being held at the Trego County Courthouse and presided by Judge Glenn Braun of the 23rd Judicial District.

Turner appeared in person during a pre-trial hearing Tuesday afternoon. He faces charges of voluntary manslaughter in the June 6, 2017, death of James “Dalton” Brown, who was 24 years old and living in Hoxie.

A report from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation regarding the incident stated Brown received multiple stab wounds. He was transported to Gove County Medical Center, where he died as a result of his injuries.

Turner also faces aggravated battery charges for allegedly stabbing Jordyn O’Neal, who was 23 at the time and living in Quinter. She was transported to a Wichita hospital with non-life threatening wounds.

The altercation allegedly occurred at a motel room in the First Inn, 1202 Castle Rock St., in Quinter. Turner also faces a charge of criminal damage to property for allegedly puncturing a vehicle tire.

A manhunt commenced for Turner after authorities were called to the scene, and he was found with a non-life threatening gunshot wound sustained during the altercation at the motel. He received treatment at Gove County Medical Center, then was booked into the Trego County Jail, where he remains on $500,000 bond.

Charges are brought by The State of Kansas, represented by assistant attorney general Jessica Domme. Turner is represented by Hays defense attorney Paul Oller.

The jury selection process is ongoing for the trial, and an additional 50 jury summons are expected to be sent out to ensure a sufficient juror pool. Braun said many potential jurors have had to be excused due to scheduling conflicts or prior knowledge of the case. Jurors will be identified by number instead of name.

Turner said at the pre-trial hearing he does not plan to offer an alibi, and the defense said his state of mind during the conflict stemmed from a “sense of protection” for O’Neal. Turner alleged he previously had seen Brown harm O’Neal, a claim she disputed in a preliminary hearing.

Braun also said he has reviewed a lengthy video taken on the night of the incident, which shows Turner giving statements to an investigating detective. He said it seems Turner knowingly waived his rights in issuing those statements, and “willingly engaged and participated” in the discussion that followed.

Domme said two additional pieces of evidence that could be introduced during the trial include cell phone data and a knife that is believed to possibly be the murder weapon.