Leon and Janet Frank donated a broadcasting tower, located 5 1/2 miles north of Hays, to Divine Mercy Radio. The paperwork to make this transaction official was completed June 7.

Leon Frank was an original board member of Divine Mercy Radio and helped to build the station, quite inexpensively in 2010. He is an entrepreneur, patented inventor and businessman.

Leon said God has been good to him and Janet with successful business ventures, and he wanted to give back.

“Janet and I want to scale back,” Leon said. “We’re slowing down, and this is just one of those feel-good things.”

The 320-foot, self-supporting tower constructed in 1963 was formerly a Southwestern Bell tower.

Leon said it was part of the civil defense plan for the United States government in the early ’60s to work with Southwestern Bell in building the towers. With the age of computers, the internet and cell phones, the towers were no longer needed. In 1997 Southwestern Bell contacted Cyril Schmidt since the tower was located on his land, and they gave it to him. He then contacted Leon, who purchased the tower and land from Schmidt.

Earlier this year, Divine Mercy Radio had the tower inspected, and there were a few improvements that the inspector suggested be made. Shortly after this inspection, Divine Mercy Radio was offered a grant from the Eternal Word Television Network who had some funding to help rural Catholic radio stations with improvements. Divine Mercy Radio was awarded $15,000 from EWTN to make the needed improvements to the tower and the building that houses the equipment.

“Everything fell into place,” Donetta Robben, executive director of Divine Mercy Radio, said. “From the donation of the tower, to the inspection and the grant. As many times as it has happened, God continues to amaze me through the generosity of other people.

“We will forever be grateful for all Leon has done for this station, and his and Janet’s generous gift of this tower.”

Leon and Janet Frank are members of St. Nicholas of Myra Catholic Church.