At last moisture has come to parts of western Kansas.

Here on our farm and ranch we have received right at three inches of rain in the last two weeks. There are still areas around Leoti and south that have gotten very little, and the wheat is burning up.

Other areas got large rains but were also pounded with high winds and hail as large as baseballs. A lot of buildings lost siding and windows and equipment outside was severely damaged. In those areas many are going to try to plant milo or some other crop.

One thing we have not missed out on is the wind. Some days I wondered if the good Lord was trying to relocate western Kansas to the north or south.

Most ranchers around have their calves worked and pairs are being put out to pasture. We thought the grass was never going to green up, but rain has a way of bringing it to life. We are praying that the rains keep coming. As I had mentioned in previous articles, we had not gotten enough winter moisture to get the grass started. The cows came through the winter in fairly good condition but we had to feed later than normal.

Most of the fall crops are in and are emerging or are up. A few farmers have to plant some milo yet, and not many have begun to plant the sorghum feed. At least we have good conditions to get these crops in. Most ranchers did not carry over much cattle feed.

Wheat harvest looks to be about a month off, but I did see some harvest crews headed south the first week of June. I guess they are optimistic that there is going to be wheat to cut in Texas and Oklahoma. Reports have come my way of wheat being destroyed or grazed out in the Oklahoma panhandle, so I do not know how much there will be to cut down there.

Around here the acres are way down, so it may be a tough year for custom harvesters. The K-State extension wheat tour in Wallace county is going to be a wheatless tour. The plots were either hailed out or failed because of drought.

I am going to be riding on the Bike Across Kansas annual bike tour June 11 and 12. This year it is following the southern route through the state. I have never ridden in that part of the state so am interested to see what the agriculture looks like in that area. I hope that I am in good enough shape to make it through those two days. It has been hard to train because of the wind that we have had.

I am praying for a safe harvest for all and ample moisture during the summer.