Ellis County wheat farmers got the conditions they needed to get combines in the field after several days of rain.

“We needed this heat and wind, and we got it and the humidity went away,” Klint Pfannenstiel, manager at Midland Marketing’s Yocemento elevator, said Friday afternoon.

The elevator, about midway between Hays and Ellis on Old U.S. Highway 40, starting taking in wheat on June 16. Last week’s rains meant about three days of no cutting in the area, he said.

Northeast of Ellis on Friday, Lane Kohl and his grandfather, Glen Kohl, were able to get into their fields to cut. Lane said they had planned to start cutting their 70 acres last week, but the fields were too wet.

The week started with temperatures in the 80s, but Wednesday started to climb into the upper 90s to over 100 degrees. Winds of near 30 mph helped dry out the fields.

Thursday, the Yocemento elevator took in 95,000 bushels, Pfannenstiel said. He expects that will be the elevator’s peak day.

Pfannenstiel said the numbers are actually looking good considering the recent rains and late freezing temperatures and snow.

“Nobody’s really bragging about yields or anything because it’s not really there,” he said.

“We were averaging 60 pounds (per bushel) before the rain, easily. Now it’s about 59,” he said.

Protiens are at 13 and up, he said.

Pfannenstiel estimated the harvest to be about 55 to 60 percent complete Friday afternoon in the central part of Ellis County.