Although they’ve always been close, Amber Binder and Brianna Kear never thought about having a double wedding.

But that’s exactly what the non-identical twins ended up doing Saturday at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Munjor.

“We’ve been sharing everything this whole time, and we wanted our own wedding,” Brianna said.

But some scheduling conflicts put the two weddings close together, so the families decided to make it a double wedding.

“I thought it was a very beautiful thing,” Brian Wooldridge, father of the brides said of the decision at Friday’s rehearsal. “They’ve always been close.”

The sisters even knew from an early age they would both be teachers, Brian said. Amber teaches at O’Loughlin Elementary School, while Brianna teaches at Wellsville. Her husband, Clay, also is  a teacher. Amber’s husband, Zach, is an accountant with Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball Financial Services.

“I’ve never been to a double wedding, so this will be our first ever,” the brides’ mother, Annette Wooldridge, said.

The double wedding was a first for Father Jarett Konrade, too.

But the sisters weren’t the only twins at their wedding. In fact, there’s an abundance of twins in their families.

Their father, Brian, is a twin. His twin brother, Bruce, has twin sons, and his sister’s daughter has month-old twin boys. Brian’s aunt and uncle on his mother’s side are twins, two of his cousins are twins and a first cousin had twins.

“Usually it skips a generation,” Brian said.

Annette has twins on her side of the family, too. Their mother was a vocalist for the wedding.

Two of the flower girls — relatives of Clay — are twins, and one of the ring bearers is the son of twin.

Despite originally planning separate weddings, the women said combining their ideas went smoothly.

“We just compromised. She had colors and things picked out, and I had colors picked out, but we kind of made it work and put our ideas together,” Amber said.

“We each had our own thing,” Brianna said. “I would decide the invitations and sending those out, where she did more of the decoration, so it really worked.”

The husbands were easygoing about the plans, the women said.

“I thought it would save money,” Zach said with a laugh.

The two grooms have become good friends and would have asked each other to groomsmen in separate weddings, they said, along with their brothers and their brides’ brothers.

The brides had each selected the family and friends as bridesmaids.

“We had them picked out before we decided on the double wedding,” Brianna said.