Russell native Doug Wilson might never have a sign at the city limits like Kansas Sen. Bob Dole, but the city can proudly claim him Wednesday when the Game Show Network features him as a contestant on “America Says.”

Wilson made the cut as a member of the four-person “Coralers” team.

“We just had fun as a team; it’s kind of like Family Fued,” Wilson said in a phone interview from his home in Los Angeles. “Even though we were playing for money, we made jokes and laughed and tried not to take ourselves too seriously.”

The 30-minute America Says show premiered in June and runs Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. The show surveys 100 people on a question and uses the top seven answers as the basis for the game. Contestants are presented the same question, and shown only the first letter of the top seven answers. The team of four has 30 seconds to guess all seven correctly. Winning teams take home $15,000.

“We are friends who actually get together and play games together all the time,” Wilson said. “So it was like having one of our usual game nights.”

Competing was a lot of fun, he said.

“I would encourage people to audition for shows, either when they’re out here, over the Internet, or when shows come to their hometown,” Wilson said. “It just makes for an exciting time and you have a chance to win money.”

Wilson moved from Kansas 30 years ago after living in Russell, Luray, Gorham, Hoxie and Salina. His dad, Bill Wilson, was principal at Gorham High School, as well as a beloved football and baseball coach in Luray. The senior Wilson and his wife, Twila, have both died, said Wilson.

Later this summer, Wilson hopes to visit his sister in Wichita, as well as cousins on his mom’s side with the Voos name in Russell County.

Now a residential and commercial real estate salesman, Wilson wouldn’t divulge how his team did.

“If I let it out of the bag I could get sued,” he laughed.