I can’t remember the last time I was more disappointed in American politics. Disgust might be a better word.

The media frenzy meltdown over Trump meeting with Putin in Helsinki was over the top. I can prove that the criticism of our president was un-called for.

Actually, calling out our president was a hit job. It was a scam, call it a farce. No matter what Trump did at the summit, the Democrats, in collusion with media, had plans to hang our president out to dry.

The hatred for Trump, unfortunately, is greater than love of this country or even what is good for this country.

What I have to say in this letter to the editor is based on more than opinion. Let’s consider some facts. Let’s look at the big picture that nobody wants to do. Let me make my case.

Leftists are in panic mode with mid-term elections coming this fall. Leftists are desperate, therefore, looking for anything (I mean anything) to bring down Trump poll numbers. Point being, the criticism of Trump meeting with Putin was a fabrication. It was making a mountain out of a mole hill in desperation as Dems aren’t polling well to take over Congress.

A major criticism was about Trump not calling out Putin on election meddling. The word “meddling” itself doesn’t call for all out war that the left was demanding. Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein stated that Russia’s “messing around” in our 2016 presidential election did not affect votes. Since meddling is done by most countries, including the U.S., why the hysteria?

I saw a recent government report that the United States meddled in the elections of other countries some 81 times. The left and a few Republicans made it seem like Trump’s actions at the summit were going to bring the world to an end.

Obama as president spent hundreds of thousands of U.S. tax monies to oust Netanyahu of Israel. Not a peep out of these same leftists on that score. Call it hypocrisy for leftists to have different standards for a Republican president versus their Obama Democrat president.

Is it possible that the left’s Trump meltdown might be the difference between success or failure in making this country safer against nuclear proliferation. It appears Trump is having some success with North Korea, why not Russia?

What must Putin be thinking when the left gives the impression all of America is against their president? How does the “manufactured” crisis help Trump convince Putin to ease up on nukes, Syria, Iran, Crimea, etc?

Trump and Putin agreed to meet as a means of establishing a relationship, not insult each other. If there is any major calling out to do, it just seems from a common sense point of view that could come about in future meetings, not the first one. Our president as much as said without cooperation coming from Russia, America could be the worst enemy they’ve ever had.

Because Trump didn’t insult Putin the left claimed treason, impeachment, congressional sanctions, and anti Americanism, but that’s totally outrageous. For God’s sake give our president, with future meetings, a chance to do his negotiating There’s lots of proof America’s leader knows how to get things done.

Who is it that is making “America Great Again?” Trump’s accomplishments (and that’s for a future letter to the editor) are historical, consequently his opponents want to destroy him! Unconscionable, as you look at his many successes for this country.

Trump’s successes are off the charts and that’s why mainstream media doesn’t go there, nor local newspapers. I repeat! Looking at the big picture the call to destroy a Trump presidency is “treason” by all the leftist un-American Americans. Destroying Trump causes Americans to lose jobs, security, etc.

Another major criticism of Trump at the summit was his reluctance to praise to the high heavens America’s intelligence community. Why in the good Lord’s name would our president do that when it’s the FBI, CIA, and DOJ through schemes, corruption, lies, and lawlessness determined to destroy Trump.

Be prepared, readers, for the greatest scandals and bombshells to surface soon. There’s nothing like it in all of American history. Russia’s interference in our elections is like a walk in the park when it comes to our own people doing the interfering in our own elections to make Hillary president instead of Donald Trump.

This is not conspiracy talk. There is overwhelming evidence, There is irrefutable proof to support my statements about massive corruption in Obama’s loyalists and holdovers in our government.

The bombshell scandals of collusion with Russia and an all out blitz to destroy Trump by the left will not be covered by mainstream media. Probably not even by this paper. That’s another reason for the outrageous “acting” about the summit by the left. It was meant to distract from America’s greatest scandals ever.

Here’s the last nail to go into the coffin of Never Trumpers. They all screamed and hollered about Trump in his meeting with Putin not protecting the integrity of our elections that is so very important to a democracy, Yet these same people have no problem with millions of illegals, that are not citizens, voting in our elections.

Just think, these same people want foreigners to be the determining factor in deciding who runs this country. Case closed.

One final note. Although fallout of the Helsinki meeting is easing, you can be sure leftists will look in every nook and cranny to “manufacture” another crisis. Actually, you can bet the farm there are more to come.

Les Knoll

Victoria and Arizona