A Republican gubernatorial candidate said Friday his campaign will correct a television ad that mistakenly attributed a favorable quote to The Hays Daily News.

The ad for Jim Barnett, titled “It’s Time for Change,” featured a quote “Only one worth voting for,” and attributed it to the HDN.

The quote actually was from Brandon Case, who writes a blog that appears on the Pratt Tribune website. In a July 9 post, he wrote “Kansas currently has seven persons vying for the Republican nomination for governor, but there is only worth voting for: Jim Barnett.”

The Pratt Tribune and Hays Daily are both owned by Gatehouse Media and use the same content management system for their websites. Due to a technical error, Case’s blog post can be found through an internet search under the HDNews.net domain.

The Hays Daily contacted the Barnett campaign about the quote Thursday morning by email. That evening, Maci Hagelgantz, Barnett’s campaign co-chair for media and scheduling, responded with an apology and offer to correct the ad.

Barnett offered a statement of apology during a Friday morning meeting with The Hays Daily. The interview had been arranged before the HDN staff noticed the misattribution.

“I understand the Hays Daily News’ concern and regret that a Google search incorrectly sources the paper that publishes the blog. I will see that the attribution on the TV commercial is corrected and appreciate the Hays Daily News bringing this to my attention,” Barnett said.

The ad should be corrected and redistributed to television networks by Friday afternoon, Barnett said.

The quote had been removed from a version of the 30-second ad on Barnett’s YouTube channel on Friday morning.