Property taxes in the city of Hays won’t see an increase in the mill levy if city commissioners approve the 2019 budget as it’s currently drafted.

However, the proposed budget does call for an increase to the rates residents pay for trash pickup and recycling.

Hays City Commissioners will vote on the draft budget at their next regular meeting Thursday after they hear comments from the public. As proposed, the 2019 budget totals $39.466 million.

The draft takes into consideration that sales tax revenues in 2019 are projected to be down 1 percent and total assessed valuation is down one-half percent. In addition, the mill levy in 2019 on the assessed value of property will not increase over the 2018 levy of 25.00, or $25 for every $1,000 of assessed value, said the city’s finance director, Kim Rupp.

Rates on trash pick up were last raised in 2006 to $15.20 a month. Because the city has been eating into its solid waste reserves, the 2019 budget includes a $2 increase to customers to $17.20. The actual rate, however, remains to be decided, Rupp said. City commissioners can decide the rate later based on various proposals from city staff that will be presented in October.

Any rate increase will go into effect Jan. 1, he said.

At $39.466 million, the budget reflects an increase in total budget expenditures of $1.3 million. City Manager Toby Dougherty has explained previously to the commission that the increase isn’t reflective of reality — because it represents some transfers between funds. For example, said Rupp, there’s a transfer out of the general fund of $500,000 to help with street repair, and a transfer from the general fund to the new equipment reserve fund of $224,784.

In actuality, Rupp said, the proposed operating budget is increasing from 2018 to 2019 by $423,000. That reflects incremental increases across all categories within the general fund, he said.

The commissioners meet at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

In other scheduled business the city commissioners will:

• Consider a cereal malt beverage license application by KB & KS Investments LLC at 1130 E. 41st St. Partners in the business on the application are are Kim Briney, 1306 E. 33rd St., and Kelly Stiles, 1321 Golden Belt Dr.

• Consider changes in traffic ordinances by the Kansas Legislature for Kansas cities. They cover a variety of offenses, from driving around a stopped school bus and littering to possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and passing a stationary trash truck.

• Vote on Mayor James Meier’s proposed appointments for three city boards. For the Fort Hays Municipal Golf Course Advisory Board, his recommendations are David Ashbaugh, Ron Augustine and Josh Dreher. For the Hays Beautification Committee, his recommendations are Judy Dawson and Jim Strine. For the Hays Area Board of Zoning Appeals, he recommended Michael Berges.

• Receive Meier’s proposed appointment of Joseph Boeckner to the Hays Area Planning Commission. They’ll vote on the recommendation Aug. 23.

• Consider approval of a new restroom at Ekey Park with a $20,000 donation from the Sunrise Rotary Club and $38,500 from the 2018 Special Park and Recreation Budget.

• Consider removal of an untagged vehicle and some trash and junk from the backyard of 303 W. 16th St.

• Consider accepting the low bid of $876,324.12 from Vogts Parga Construction L.L.C., Newton, to remove failed concrete on 45th and 43rd streets west of Interstate 70.