Ellis County Commissioner Marcy McClelland said “probably, we’ll see,” when asked if she’ll support her Republican primary challenger Butch Schlyer who beat her out of her seat Tuesday.

Conceding the election Tuesday night, McClelland said, “The people have spoken. I did this because I thought I could give back to the community.”

Speaking at the Ellis County Administration Center, McClelland spoke before paper ballots had been counted, but was confident in the early results that showed Schlyer with a substantial lead.

The unofficial final results in Ellis County show Schlyer with 635 votes to McClelland’s 282. Ellis County Commissioners will canvass the votes Aug. 16.

If those results hold, Schlyer will advance to November’s general election, facing Democrat Chris Rorabuagh and independent John Walz.

McClelland also had some criticism for Schlyer, noting she’s not seen any campaign literature from him.

“I have not seen him out. I have seen a few signs around town but I have not seen him out,” she said. “When you’re running for office, you’re usually at different things and I haven’t seen him at all. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

McClelland will serve five more months in the office, with her successor taking office Jan. 1, 2019.

“I think next year will be a rough one,” she predicted. “People are going to have to tighten their belts.”

McClelland said she had no regrets from her nearly four years in office so far. In 2016 she opposed Blue Sky Acres, a 65-acre residential development south of Hays on U.S. Highway 183, citing concerns about water and drainage, which has prompted a lawsuit against the county commissioners.

She said the lawsuit has been a prominent issue “which a lot of people probably don’t understand.” She noted, however, “I was elected to vote my constituents and that’s what I did.”