STOCKTON — It wasn’t a perfect day for flying a kite, but that didn’t stop about 20 people from trying Thursday afternoon at the Rooks County Fair.

Fair organizers said the Kite Flying Extravaganza was a way to help keep children busy during the summer afternoon.

“A lot of them are 4H kids that have animals, and they don’t get to leave all day anyway,” Ruthie Muir said.

“It just kind of gives them a break,” said Laura Moffet as they helped children with some small kites the fair provided for people.

But Thursday’s lack of the usual Kansas wind caused a little frustration for the kite flyers

“Usually we have so much wind, but the last couple of weeks we haven’t had much,” Moffet said.

“Today’s a beautiful day, but maybe not for kite flying,” Muir said.

Still, the flags on the fairgrounds grandstand were fluttering in a breeze, and those who got their kites at least that high caught enough of a breeze to soar higher.

Brendan and Jolene Carlin, Downs, brought their own kites to fly with their daughter and grandson, Amanda and Eli Atkisson, Stockton.

“We thought it’d be a good opportunity to get our big kites out. This one’s never been out before,” Jolene said of an orange box kite that she managed to keep in the air.

Across the field, Brendan flew a black, triangular kite he’s had for about 15 years.

“A little breeze and good luck” are the secrets to getting and keeping a kite in the air, he said.

“And at this point, some kids who can run faster than grandpa,” he added.

Gene Kennedy and his children, son Neisan and daughter Matilda, also brought their own kites from Overland Park. They were in town to visit Gene’s sister Diane and to enjoy the fair.

“We haven’t had them out for awhile, and we realized they were having this thing,” he said.

“We should have brought my dinosaur kite. It flies real well,” Neisan said.