NATOMA — Some residents of Osborne and Rooks counties reported they felt the rumbling of a weak earthquake Wednesday morning that the U.S. Geological Survey reported as a 3.7 magnitude.

The earthquake was centered on an area about 15.5 miles east of Plainville and 6 miles north of Natoma.

“Yes, the house shook quite a bit,” said Terry Tucker, who lives on Kansas Highway 18 in Natoma. “I felt a low rumble and I thought it was an explosion.”

Tucker was at home and felt the quake shortly after 10 a.m.

The U.S.G.S. map showed the quake’s epicenter just southwest of the intersection of W. 200th Dr. and 280th Ave., which Tucker said is not far from the Dale and Cindy Beisner home.

There was some rattling of ceiling fans and other objects on walls, said Rooks County Emergency Management Coordinator Butch Post.

"People felt it," Post said. "We had a very few people call in, but I had zero reports of any damage." 

On March 17 at 3:02 a.m., the U.S.G.S. measured a 2.7 magnitude quake 9 miles east-northeast of Plainville and 9 miles northwest of Natoma.

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