NATOMA — Two days in a row now an intersection in rural Osborne County has been the site of weak mid-morning earthquakes. While Wednesday’s was felt in both Rooks and Osborne counties, that wasn’t the case with Thursday’s tremor.

“I’ve heard nothing,” said Rooks County Emergency Management Coordinator Butch Post. “I was here in my office all morning in Stockton and I didn’t feel anything.”

Both earthquakes occurred about 15.5 miles east of Plainville and a little more than 6 miles north of Natoma.

Rural Rooks County resident Barb McLaughlin lives nearby, eight miles northeast of Plainville.

“I didn’t feel it this morning,” McLaughlin said. “I felt yesterday’s. I was sitting in my recliner and it started shaking and my windows started rattling. I thought my house was getting ready to fall in.”

Thursday’s quake hit at 9:42 a.m. northwest of the intersection of W. 200th Dr. and 280th Ave. It measured 2.6 magnitude. Wednesday’s was southwest of the same intersection and measured a little stronger, 3.7.

“Yesterday the school felt it. Everybody in town felt it,” said Celia Young, Natoma city clerk. Not so Thursday’s. “The Natoma group on Facebook blows up about something like that and so far no one has said anything.”

On March 17 at 3:02 a.m., the USGS measured a 2.7 magnitude quake 9 miles east-northeast of Plainville and 9 miles northwest of Natoma.

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