There was an editorial in this paper on Aug. 3 titled “Not a witch hunt” by the Chicago Tribune, proving beyond doubt journalism by mainstream media is dead. It’s kaput, and obviously shows any kind of investigative journalism to be non-existent.

A sad state of affairs for America when mainstream news is totally partisan. “Mainstream” means what most of us are exposed to, unfortunately.

The editorial I reference, implies the Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation is not a witch hunt, even poking fun of Trump at the thought it might be. But obviously for those of us that are informed, if ever there was a witch hunt in our American justice system, this is it. The proof isn’t just extensive, it’s monumental. I can’t possibly cover all the bases here, but enough to prove my point.

For starters, the city of Chicago is one of the most liberal cities in America. You can count on their largest newspaper to be anti Trump. In fact, the Tribune would choose bankruptcy over any support for our president on anything.

Liberalism is mostly about defending the indefensible. Mueller’s investigation out to destroy Trump, is indefensible. Nor is it defensible to claim Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed justice. There is no evidence.

Actually, there is no reason for this Special Counsel to continue or even have existed in the first place.

The Special Counsel was created under false premises. To create an SC, a crime needs to be committed and named. None was named and no crime committed that anybody knows of at the time or even to date. The witch hunt begins in trying to “find” a crime against Trump, allowing Mueller to investigate anything. That whole procedure is unheard of in our justice system of the past.

Lord knows what it is now!

Actually, our justice system has been stood on its head. It’s been compromised by the FBI and DOJ like never before in American history with hundreds of leftover Obama and Hillary loyalists in our government. Mueller is part of that whole scheme, clearly biased, and currently inventing things to make Trump look guilty of something — anything.

Because Mueller hasn’t been able to tie Trump to Russia collusion with any kind of evidence, he’s gone after Trump associates for the purpose of “insinuating” Trump did something wrong through association. Does the name Manafort come to mind, a man Mueller is destroying simply “implying or insinuating” he helped Trump collude. Other lives are being destroyed by Mueller in hopes of getting to Trump. The investigation is a fraud.

Mueller is down to his last evil scheme and that’s entrapment. He wants to interview Trump and catch him on a perjury charge for something like what he had for breakfast four months ago and now he says something else. The truth is Mueller is no longer after the truth. He’s on a perjury fishing expedition.

There’s no such thing as “equality under the law” in this entire fiasco. If there is, can somebody tell me why Mueller hires an army of lawyers, most of whom donated to the Hillary campaign. The witch hunt is all about taking down Trump because these people wanted Hillary to be president and that’s it in a nutshell. Had Hillary become president all of the existing corruption that Mueller is part of would be swept under the rug making us no different than a third-world country without laws.

Our chief investigator is connected at the hip to all the anti Trumpers in our government past and present. That includes former president Obama, poor loser Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Ohr, etc. And, the list goes on and on just as I can go on and on proving the witch hunt against our president.

When Hillary was Secretary of State, she and Obama sold 20 percent of our uranium to Russia. Mueller, as FBI Director at the time, looked the other way as there was massive corruption taking place with bribes, money laundering, etc. In the process, the Clinton Foundation took in millions. Yup, from Russia. Bill Clinton was able to line his pockets as well.

If there is equal justice under the law (rather than a two-tiered one) heads should roll on the Uranium One scandal, Hillary’s private email server, the Clinton Foundation raking in millions for pay to play, the fake dossier on Trump and many more related scandals. Mueller again looking the other way when there is incontrovertible evidence the real collusion occurs with Democrats and our justice system, not with Trump.

It defies logic for anybody to think Putin would collude with Trump to win the election when he had Hillary wrapped around his little finger. Like Obama, Putin knew Hillary wouldn’t do much about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Crimea. Those are just more examples the Trump/Russia collusion narrative is bogus. The Trump obstruction of justice narrative has no merit either.

Besides the Chicago Tribune wanting to destroy Trump, the Boston Globe organized some 350 other newspapers (apparently including this one) to write op eds trashing Trump. If 80 percent of media is anti Trump and 95 percent of the time negative toward him, I think we can claim two witch hunts.

Mueller’s Special Council is one and mainstream media is the other.

It’s obvious the witch hunts are pure unadulterated political ones. Truth is not an objective, nor even justice. We have a president making America great again in many ways, especially with a booming economy yet he’s treated as a tyrant. Trump’s many accomplishments, never ever covered by media, deserve special treatment in some other letter.

Mueller, with the help of media, uses the Trump witch hunt to distract from and cover up the real crimes that are massive coming from all the leftists which the SC ignores.

Real crimes don’t require a witch hunt Mr. Mueller.

Les Knoll is retired and lives in Victoria as well as Gilbert,Ariz.