A Hays man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of rape and drug distribution in Ellis County District Court.

A three-day trial will be scheduled for Nathan Daniel Watts, 33, on a felony charge of rape and felony charge of distribution of Clonazepam within 1,000 feet of a school.

The charges stem from an alleged incident on June 19 when two female co-workers offered to let Watts stay the night with them instead of sleeping in his truck during a severe thunderstorm.

At the house, located near an elementary school, Watts allegedly offered one of his co-workers, a 20-year-old woman, Clonazepam, a prescription drug sold as Klonopin used to treat seizures and panic disorder, which she took, and then a water bottle that she said actually contained vodka.

The woman testified at the August preliminary hearing, the three were in bed watching a movie when Watts put his hand in her pants. She said his actions, along with the effects of the drug and alcohol, terrified her and she could not move. Her other co-worker warned him to stop, she said, but a few minutes later he did it again.

The woman called police several days later when she believed Watts was stalking her. When police located Watts sleeping in his vehicle, they also found empty vodka bottles and prescription bottles in the vehicle and a bottle of Clonazepam in his pocket.