Anyone who has wanted to get involved with the Hays Community Theater but can’t commit to a full production is invited to participate in the annual Hays Haunted Tours.

The group is looking for at least 60 people to fill roles for the downtown walking tour, as well as a team to create the Haunted Alley that ends the tour.

An informational meeting will be at 2 p.m. Sunday at the HCT theater, 121 E. Eighth.

The Haunted Tour will be Oct. 26 and 27. It is the group’s largest annual fundraiser.

“It’s a lot of fun,” HCT board member Sharona Fondoble said. “The people that do it every year, they do it because it’s fun. It’s not a huge time commitment. It’s just something fun to dress up and go do.”

In the downtown tour, actors portray famous and infamous figures from Hays history, such as saloon owners Tommy Drum and Kate Coffey, Volga-German settlers, dancehall girls, gunmen and victims of fire and Indian attacks.

Fondoble said 60 is the minimum number of people needed to portray all the vignettes in the script, which is written with the assistance of the Ellis County Historical Society.

“We’ve had several parts that we’ve had to cut in pat years because we don’t have enough people. We’re wanting to finally fill out the entire cast,” she said.

“I can’t imagine we would be in a situation where we would turn anyone away,” she said.

“The more people we have, the immersive of an experience it is,” she said.

In addition, the theater group is looking for someone to lead the team that creates the Haunted Alley. While the tour script strives for historical accuracy, the Haunted Alley team can take a little more leeway for a more typical Halloween event, Fondoble. said.

It still retains the historical theme, however, featuring, for example, zombie cowboys.