HaysMed, part of The University of Kansas Health System, will be celebrate the 1500th Robotic Surgery on Sept. 25. A special Chamber ribbon cutting will be at 8 am at Entrance C and the public is invited to attend. In addition, a mobile robotics unit will be on site and available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for people to try out the robot and see how the technology works.

The Robotic Surgery program, the first in Western Kansas, was launched in April 2014. HaysMed offers robotic surgery for a wide range of surgical procedures. The surgeons use a surgical robot to minimize surgical incision and trauma, improve surgical visualization and improve surgical accuracy. Throughout the surgery the surgeon not only controls every aspect of the surgery in real time but sees it clearly via high definition that results in pinpoint accuracy for greater precision.

Robotic surgery is another form of minimally invasive surgery that offers many advantages to patients. Because of the smaller incisions patients usually see less pain, shorter hospital stays, less scarring, reduced risk of infection and a quicker recovery and return to regular activity.

Robotic surgery is available for general surgeries including gallbladder, hernia, colon resection and bariatrics, women’s surgeries including hysterectomies, prostate/urological surgeries and thoracic/lung surgeries.

In 2016 the hospital added single site surgeries for several procedures. The single site technology allows surgeons to perform the surgery through a small incision in the belly button virtually eliminating scarring.