The sharks are circling.

Just minutes after President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court Justice vacancy, media networks cut to a gathering of women at the Supreme Court building — interesting how they already were assembled before the announcement aired. They were shouting and waving signs about their bodies and right to reproductive healthcare. Ironic, since there is nothing healthy about abortion, and the baby is certainly not cared for. In fact, he/she is brutalized and killed.

As I watched, I wondered how many of these same women gathered together last year sporting vulgar pink hats, while they cheered on pop singer Madonna’s comments about wanting to blow up the White House. How many of these same women also were recruited to gather at the border to scream protests about the immigrant children being separated from their parents — and how many stuck around long enough to discover and admit that some of the children were actually with imposters.

In the past, women fought valiantly to be heard, yet now the voices of some are being used to destroy. Whatever happened to the days when children were considered jewels in a woman’s crown? The women protesting reminded me of rabid dogs, foaming at the mouth over the right to tear their own baby to shreds. I cringed in dismay to witness my own gender — the gender which, since the beginning of time, has been known to be the gentler and refined one, and thought: Women… you’ve been duped.

There is nothing gentle or refined about abortion. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an act of strength, but weakness and/or fear — fostered through lies from the pit of hell. The devil delights in the destruction of a baby — the very image of God, but he also delights in knowing abortion can kill certain aspects of a woman — her God-given dignity, maternal instinct, her hope, her love, and sometimes, her soul. Through abortion, Satan holds out his deceitful offering just like when he offered Adam and Eve the forbidden fruit.

As “one nation, under God” we should know better than to condone this, yet many sit back in silence. Recently, a new group with deadly intent has surfaced. Post-abortive women, including Oprah Winfrey, encourage women to “Shout Your Abortion.” Wow. We have reached a new level of revulsion when women celebrate the demise of their own child.

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Matthew 12:34

The Kavanaugh hearings have looked more like a circus than anything; the eruptions from caustic women further illustrate a heightened level of disgrace. These female spectators showed zero respect for decorum, ranting and raving about their abortion rights — again, the main reason they were there. Sadly, they didn’t seem much different than the Democrats, who also behaved like wolves rather than leaders. Their vicious treatment of Kavanaugh was unprecedented. They talked down to him, insulted him at every opportunity, as if he were a hardened criminal rather than a respected public servant and highly-qualified candidate. The Democrat women behaved the worst. I was appalled and embarrassed for them.

Considering Kavanaugh’s record of strict adherence to the Constitution, we ask: What has he done to deserve this ire? The answer: His opponents really don’t want a fair judge, they want abortion. They see Kavanaugh as a threat to overturning Roe v. Wade — perhaps because deep down inside, they know that the baby inside the mother also has rights which are being denied.

Now, one woman’s accusation of misconduct has suddenly materialized. Interesting how this college professor just recently made the decision to hitch a ride on the “me too” band wagon — the alleged incident happened more than 36 years ago, while Kavanaugh was in high school. Maybe she didn’t realize he’d been a judge for more than a decade?

Sixty-five women who knew Kavanaugh in high school submitted a letter of support to the Senate Judiciary Committee stating that he “behaved honorably and treated women with respect.” Still, the war drums are pounding wildly from Washington D.C., with the intent of creating such a raucous noise that Kavanaugh will be seen as guilty in the court of public opinion and rejected, yet absolutely nothing has been proven. Moreover, I can’t help but wonder what we would find if we delved into the high school days of every member of Congress — or anyone for that matter. I am certain most would want to be judged for the person we’ve become rather than who we were in our youth.

Those who desire a perfect candidate better start praying for Jesus to come again. He’s the only one who could be found without blemish under such scrutiny. Oh wait…He was crucified too.

The killing must stop. May God have mercy on us all.

Elizabeth Schmeidler is a Christian author from Hays.