This letter is in response to Treasurer Schlegel’s comments made to the HDN.

I find it interesting that Treasurer Schlegel stated personally to me last week, that she had visited with other Kansas Treasurer’s offices last year and they stated to her that they have had the tax roll certified to them after November 1st from their County Clerks.

My office takes care in all steps to arrive at the accurate valuations and the tax levies for each taxing district. One tax process is receiving certified values and/or levies from other county clerks. I have no control as to when I receive these values and/or levies to finish the tax process. Last year it was Nov. 3 when I received the last certification from another county. Once these values and levies are received, I am then able to continue my work in setting the levies for the County. There is a lot of balancing and checking so the correct levies are set. It’s just not a one-day process. I appreciate my very capable staff in working through the tax process. I take my position as county clerk very seriously.

Not sure why Treasurer Schlegel continues blasting the clerk’s office and staff as much care is taken in the process to have all of the correct information and accurate tax on your statements.

Treasurer Schlegel, I ask that you take care of your office and I take care of mine. The past is the past, and you have already hashed over the past tax roll; we now need to move forward in a professional manner and work together for the betterment of Ellis County.

Donna J. Maskus

Ellis County Clerk