Is there something good in every thing that is bad? Of course not, but I see the potential for a lot of good coming out of our really bad politics. The differences between our two political parties could not be more contrasting. It’s right there for all to see and that’s the good part.

Unfortunately, there are many who are not open minded, who have been indoctrinated and not privy to the truth, but most voters can clearly distinguish good politics and government from bad. That’s why Trump became our president.

It is my opinion, the majority of voters, a few weeks away, during the midterm elections, will not vote Democrat. There will be a red wave, not a blue one, and I will explain why I am going out on this limb with my prediction.

The division among Republicans and Democrats has never been worse, therefore, voters too are divided. The old days of some sort of compromise or coming together between left and right appears to be a thing of the past. There are no compromises.

The upcoming election will determine what kind of America most people in this country want. On the one hand there are those who want to make this country great again as in the past, while on the other hand some want a different country entirely. It’s imperative voters know the differences.

For starters, Democrats lean toward socialism. We became the greatest country on earth in large part with an economy based on capitalism, not a socialistic government controlling everything.

Speaking of division, who wants an America where one particular party does everything possible to divide us based on race, gender, sexuality and, of course, the haves and the have nots? Add to that Christianity on the right versus secularism on the left. A united country insures progress while a divided one causes chaos, and Democrats want chaos in order for government to take over everything.

Most of us can clearly see what the Democratic Party is all about, and it’s not a pretty picture. They don’t even try to hide unconscionable mob like mean spirited behavior, or an agenda that would stand this country on its head. What they are all about is right there for God and the whole world to see.

The Democrat Party and its base has never been more radical. Too bad so many seniors still vote Dem not realizing their party has completely changed from what it was years ago. For some reason they support all the extreme left wing agendas when in reality they are actually conservatives.

Since Obama became president, Democrats have lost some 1,200 elections at all levels of government for being too far to the left. Now the party is going even further left. That’s another big reason I am optimistic about Republican chances. We’re not a country that believes we should be way out in left field.

Do we as voters want a political party in control of our government that promotes violence, orchestrated protests, lacks civility, etc.? The hit job on Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court crossed the line. Brett Kavanaugh’s personal life and his family were put through the ringer like no other nominee before in American history. The accusations by Dems about Kavanaugh never showed one scintilla of evidence. There was perjury by accusers as Kavanaugh was never given our most precious right of due process and presumption of innocence.

How does the left justify ruining a man’s life and his family mostly due to the unadulterated hatred of Trump? Who among us wants to vote to support hate? Besides the totally disgusting behavior toward Kavanaugh due to Trump hatred, Dems are fearful of two other things as Kavanaugh takes the bench on the Supreme Court. The man is a constitutionalist and will not rule in favor of laws created by liberal judges in lower courts, laws that belong to Congress and we the people, not the bench.

Thirdly, Kavanaugh’s pro life beliefs scared the living daylights out of Democrats who then went on to make his confirmation a matter of life or death, if you get my point. Point is, most voters will want to save lives of unprotected unborn babies as opposed to run-away abortions. Trump chose Kavanaugh in part to protect the unborn.

Democrats make no bones about destroying a Trump presidency. How much worse can it get in this country when a political party openly tries, in every which way possible, to overthrow a duly elected presidency. For what? For starters, we currently have one of the best economies ever. There is no evidence of Russia collusion by Trump, in fact, indisputable evidence of collusion by Democrats.

Let’s get this straight voters. As things stand now, there is nothing to warrant impeachment. Who in their right mind wants to support an agenda to take out our president for no good reason? The desire for Hillary to be president is not a good reason.

Do voters want to sit through years of schemes to impeach Trump. I don’t think so. And, it would be insane to vote in support of their other agendas. Open borders would ruin us literally as a country where illegals are favored over American citizens, where foreigners get to choose our government leadership in congress, even our 2020 president.

Do we want a political party in control of our government that is anti law enforcement? Eliminating ICE is ludicrous. Promoting sanctuary cities to protect illegals, even criminals, is insanity. Talk about putting foreigners ahead of American citizens.

Tell me it isn’t so! Dems are campaigning on the promise to roll back the Trump tax cuts and tax reforms. How outrageous can you get? Why would any voter in their right mind vote to ruin a good thing that benefits all Americans? Trump is making America great again with his policies and the promises he made to Americans.

One of the worst things to ever occur in this country’s history to a president of these United States is the media’s failure to report the great many successes and accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump. Far too many Democrat voters are completely in the dark about how America is becoming great again. And, sad to say, many don’t even care.

Our economy is booming! Unemployment at historic lows. The lowest unemployment numbers in American history for African Americans and Hispanics. Good job opportunities for women and young people. More jobs available than people to fill them.

Add to those positives, consumer confidence is at an all time high, companies are returning to America from foreign countries, wages are up, food stamp enrollment down dramatically, GDP growth at an astounding 4%, stock market at historic highs, etc.

Trump is doing something about our trade deficits, ISIS threat to our national security, stifling Obama regulations eliminated, restoring American world leadership, and of course, working hard to secure our borders.

Voting to throw away all these positives would be nothing short of insanity. The Washington Examiner on Oct.12 published an astounding 289 Trump accomplishments of less than two years by this administration.

There are many reasons Democrats can’t afford to lose this election and not take over control of Congress. Perhaps the biggest are the ongoing investigations in congress of massive corruption. Should Dems take control, they will bring the investigations to a halt even though there is indisputable proof of Obama, Hillary, the FBI and DOJ doing everything possible morally and illegally to destroy a Trump presidency. Dems will want the corruption in our government swept under the rug.

That being said, look for shennanighans like never before in an election. There could be any number of things, but at the top of the list will no doubt be voter fraud.

Truth be known, I feel a moral responsibility to make my case to readers in this writing for an election that many claim is the most important in our lifetime.

Les Knoll is retired and lives in Victoria as well as Gilbert,Ariz.