If every dog has its day, Saturday was Meg’s day.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever and her human, Sara Kay Carroll, won not only the Mutts and Monsters 5K run, but also the costume contest afterward.

Carroll made the “cavewoman” and “cavedog” costumes herself.

“I like to be creative and I wanted to just make it with everything I had at home and not have to go buy anything special,” she said of the burlap costumes with cardboard accessories.

She also does archery, so added a bow and arrows to the costume.

“She does really well in costume, so that makes it fun,” Carroll said of Meg, whom she got through a rescue organization.

Coming in second in the costume contest were Emily Wecas and her dog, Bindi, who was dressed as a character from Paw Patrol. Third place was Lisa Mussman and her Chihuahua Maggie, who wore a taco costume.

The 5K run/walk and costume contest, now in its seventh year, is one of the biggest fundraisers for Western Plains Animal Refuge, director Brendon McCampbell said.

The organization took a step back from its adoption services briefly last year due to changes in its volunteer network, but is looking to increase its activity again, he said.

“We are trying to get the momentum going with the organization again. We are still wanting to build a facility and serve animals to a higher degree,” he said.

“We are trying to get some more fundraisers planned and build up our volunteers. People tend to come and go over the years, especially with so many of our volunteers being Fort Hays students,” he said.

Even with the growth of some other rescue organizations and shelters throughout the region, McCampbell said there is still a great need for domestic animal care.

WPAR often takes on animals other shelters aren’t able to because of breed-specific laws in their communities, as well as taking on very young and elderly animals.

McCampbell also works with Hill City wildlife rehabilitator Carrie Newell and had a busy summer, taking in animals such as a peregrine falcon, a baby pronghorn and a pelican that needed special care.