HaysMed, part of The University of Kansas Health System, recently successfully completed an on-site survey of their stroke program. The hospital was awarded a three-year extension of their certification as a Primary Stroke Center hospital by DNV Healthcare, reaffirming the hospitals’ readiness to handle a full range of stroke-related medical problems. HaysMed was the first hospital in Kansas to receive this designation in 2013 and has remained certified since that time.

The three-year certification from DNV Healthcare, a hospital accreditation organization with some of the toughest standards in health care, means HaysMed’s stroke response staff follows the best methods to fast-track patients suspected of stroke so doctors can begin brain-saving treatments immediately.

“This certification lets our community know we have the resources and commitment to provide the best possible stroke care." Said Erin Hemphill, MD, Hospitalist and medical director of the stroke program at HaysMed. “It’s a combination of the right medical teams, equipment, and training to quickly assess and treat strokes. Achieving certification validates all the effort we have put into this program to improve every life we touch.”

HaysMed stroke response includes in-hospital collaboration that speeds diagnosis and treatment during a patient’s crucial first moments at the hospital. The Hospital’s Emergency Department hospitalists, neurology and critical care departments work together – sharing lab results and CT scans, examining patients and recommending treatment all within a short time of a patient’s arrival.

As part of its review, DNV inspected actual and potential patient outcomes, as well as required processes followed by the hospital’s stroke care team. DNV surveyors assessed the care provided at HaysMed, including the appropriateness of the care and hospital services within the context of the certification requirements.

Surveyors also visited the areas where stroke patients are diagnosed and treated and reviewed clinical records, staff records and other documentation to validate information gained from observations and interviews.

“HaysMed will continue to put quality processes and programs in place to provide the best health care for the people of Western Kansas,” said Hemphill. “Achieving certification shows commitment to excellence, and it demonstrates that the hospital is performing at the highest level.”