Kermit Gosnell. Everyone should know him by name, but most don’t. He’s the subject of a movie that was recently released: “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.”

Who were his victims? Babies.

Most theaters are not showing this movie — why? Because the movie exposes the truth about the abortion industry…and because our society created this serial killer through legalized abortion.

Yes, I just said that.

I believe our society has created this monster serial killer and others like him. Our laws gave him the “right,” called him a doctor, and allowed him to earn a living by dismembering, scraping and suctioning out the brains of babies in the womb, for hours and hours each day. The bags/jars of dead babies and baby parts found in his refrigerator expose heinous actions — but any more heinous than when babies are thrown on a trash heap? Into a cold steel tray? Sold for experimentation and profit? Indeed, our demand for abortion has created the warped mind of this man. After thousands upon thousands of killings of the most innocent, Gosnell must have figured: What’s the difference if they are killed before or after they are born. No matter when or how I kill them, they are still just as dead.

Sick. Depraved. There are no words sufficient to describe such acts.

Our society is not better off because of abortion, but rather, is eroding before our eyes. Death is all around us. Our culture is failing to nurture love because love is being destroyed in the womb. Abortion kills — not just the baby, but the mother’s spirit, the father’s spirit and all those who take part in it. Some are now “shouting their abortion,” but their celebratory attitude is covering up deep issues and destruction to come. Each time we choose to “win” through killing of the innocent, the devil celebrates his victory; yet some foolishly wonder why there is so much hate and violence — why there are mass shootings, a toddler was recently stabbed and cooked in the oven, why grade-schoolers participating in satanic rituals plotted the murder of their classmates.

There is a connection. Believe it. Abortion has released a spirit of death into our world, and the blood of the innocents killed through abortion is on the hands of all those who partake in any way — including the politicians who refuse to stop it and those who vote for them.

Next Tuesday we will all have an opportunity to vote in the mid-term elections. Laura Kelly, endorsed by Planned Parenthood, advocates the killing of the pre-born up until the moment of natural birth. Though some will disagree with me, I call this murder. I don’t enjoy using that term, but I feel I must — our country has lost its sense of shame. Babies with Down Syndrome are being aborted at an alarming rate. These innocents, who bring so much joy to the world, are being exterminated, though they’ve committed no crime.

Many criticize “one issue voters” but what issue could be more important than to stop the killing of the innocent? If our country, our state, doesn’t get this right, we will never, ever be at peace. We will never have long term success with our policies — no matter how brilliant the minds of any leaders we elect. God is great enough, wise enough, fully capable of taking care of ALL our problems, but disobedience and sin are keeping us from clearly seeing the way.

The clock is ticking down the minutes. Every moment of every day, we all draw nearer to the end of our lives here on earth. Each one of us will meet our Maker — through death or when Christ comes again. What will you say when you stand before Him? Will you tell the Giver of Life that state taxes were most important? Will you look in Jesus’ eyes, the One who died for you, and say, “I was most worried about school funding?”

If you believe in God — no matter your religious affiliation, get on your knees, in complete surrender, and ask Him to show you the most important political issue that threatens our society, our families, our souls. I sincerely believe He will speak to your heart in that moment or later, through some revelation. Maybe something like: “I made you a Christian nation, but the hearts of many are far from me. You are killing my children, and in doing so, the evil one is trying to kill you, your joy, your very soul.”

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Elizabeth Schmeidler is a

Christian author from Hays.