Holy Family Elementary in conjunction with Thomas More Prep-Marian announced Tuesday the “Quest for the Lost Key of Protection” challenge.

During Catholic Schools Week 2019, the schools invite you to embark on a journey that will be an adventure involving clues, searching, inquiring, questioning and reasoning.

The “Lost Key” must be found before the passing of Catholic Schools Week 2019 Feb. 2. The quest began Sunday. Each day two clues are given on Holy Family Elementary’s Facebook page and at www.hfehays.org as well as shared on TMP-Marian’s Facebook page and at www.tmp-m.org.

These daily clues will be revealed at 3 and 5 p.m. Clues will contain vital information that will lead you to where the “Lost Key” can be found.  The “Lost Key” is no longer than 5 inches in length and is located within the city limits of Hays.  

The “Lost Key” was lost on public, Catholic School or Catholic Church property where it still resides today. Nothing must be opened, turned over or otherwise disturbed to see or discover where the key is located. It can be seen with the naked eye. The “Lost Key” will not be moved until it is discovered or the deadline Saturday has come to pass. Good luck to all who dare to join in the quest.