Chase Brous didn’t have to search too hard or too far to find the right fit for college. 

In a way, Brous felt he was destined to become a McPherson College Bulldog. 

"I’ll be a fourth generation Bulldog, so it will feel like a little piece of home,” said Brous, who said his mother, grandmother and great grandparents all attended McPherson College. 

Brous celebrated his signing with the McPherson College football team during a ceremony Thursday at Hays High. 

The former Indian defensive lineman was in contact with the McPherson coaching staff during his junior year and the Bulldogs remained interested after Jeremiah Fiscus was hired as head coach last November. 

“I was really, really excited to be able to have this opportunity,” Brous said. 

Brous developed into a key role on the defensive line, earning second-team All-Western Athletic Conference honors. 

“It’s definitely always been a goal for me — college sports in general. I just knew that’s where I wanted to be,” Brous said. “My junior year, when I first started playing varsity consistently, I felt like I really had a shot at going to the collegiate level.”

Brous credited Hays High coach Tony Crough, who took over the program last year, for helping his development. 

“I was pretty nervous having a new coach come in,” Brous said. “I first started getting to know Crough with the new program he was putting in during the summer. I was confident no matter what happened with our record that everybody was going to be a better football player because of him coming in. 

“With Crough, he’s pushing weights a lot more, so I’ve noticed myself becoming a lot stronger, a lot bigger, gaining weight. And I’ve noticed me just becoming a more well-rounded football player, altogether.”

Crough said Brous’ work ethic and passion for the game made him a vital part of the Indians’ defense. 

“The kid played every down like it was his last,” Crough said. “That’s the thing that stood out about Chase — how hard he played. He was kind of the heartbeat of our team with just how hard he played. He really worked hard to turn himself into a good football player.”

Brous said he expects to play either defensive end or tight end for the Bulldogs. 

“I haven’t played much tight end, but I’d definitely like to be able to give it a shot,” Brous said. 

Crough believes McPherson will be a good fit for Brous. 

“I think he’s at the right level,” Crough said. “…. I think he’ll have a chance to play multiple years for them and be a starter. He’s got to get bigger, which he’s working on all the time. But he's already put on, I think, 20 pounds since football season and he’s going to continue to grow and get better.”

“Definitely need to get stronger and faster,” Brous said. “For being a defensive end, I might be a little bit on the slower side. We’ll have to just see.”

Brous said he takes pride in being a part of Crough’s first senior class at Hays High and expects the Indians to continue to make strides. 

“We, as a senior class, feel like we’ve kicked off something that’s going to be big in a few years," he said. 

Brous, surrounded by his family, teammates and members of the Hays High coaching staff, said he can’t wait to become a Bulldog. 

“I had goosebumps going to bed last night (before the signing ceremony),” Brous said. “I was pretty excited.”