In preparation for forecasted winter weather, Hays Assistant City Manager Jacob Wood has declared the City of Hays to be under a Phase 1 Winter Storm Traffic Emergency. During a Phase 1 Winter Storm Traffic Emergency, it is unlawful to park a vehicle on any street designated as an emergency snow route.

The City of Hays Public Works Department and Hays Police Department are requesting assistance with snow removal along emergency snow routes. Take the appropriate measures and move your vehicle from the snow route at this time. Should you take no action and allow your vehicle to remain parked on an emergency snow route, you risk receiving a citation and/or having your vehicle towed at your expense.

This Phase 1 Winter Storm Traffic Emergency shall remain in effect until such time that the Hays City Manager deems the Winter Storm Traffic Emergency terminated.

The Hays Police Department is asking that motorists avoid travel if at all possible. Those that must travel are advised to do so with caution, and are encouraged to give themselves extra time to reach their destination. Please remember to drive slow, pay attention to vehicles in front of you, and allow for extra stopping distance. The public’s cooperation is greatly appreciated throughout this winter storm.